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what will my report look like?

We base our reports on the traffic light system, this means green will show in the checklist for in good working condition, amber will show for attention required in the future and red will show for work that requires immediate attention.

what if I want to cancel my inspection?

You may wish to cancel your inspection if the seller has sold the vehicle or you have just had a change of heart, this is not an issue and can be processed immediately, if the cancellation has been requested with-in 1-hour of booking we will not charge you a cancellation fee! If the cancellation has been requested after this period we will charge a £20 cancellation fee as our bookings change once accepted for that date and time. 

No, we will not require you to attend the inspection, however if you would like to attend or if you are looking to purchase the vehicle straight afterwards you are more than welcome! If requesting a Basic Pre-Purchase Inspection you may wish to be present to gain a better understanding of the vehicle as you will only receive the report via email.

Do I need to attend the inspection?

will the inspector disclose or give the report to the seller?

No, the inspector will never tell the seller what has been included or discovered on the report due to confidentiality between us and you! Once you have received the inspection report if you wish to tell the seller or send them a copy that is fine! 

what if the vehicle is not road-worthy?

If one of our inspectors deems the vehicle un-road worthy then the road test will not be carried out, as you can understand our inspectors need to remain safe and legal when carrying out our services.

The vehicle I want to buy does not have tax, will this be a problem?

No, we will still be able to road test the vehicle using our business Trade plates. All of our inspectors are fully insured to drive the vehicle's being inspected too!

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