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Mechanical checks on used cars

Mobile Inspections 

We provide mobile pre purchase vehicle inspections at your home, work or dealerships at a convenient time to suit you.
Mobile Car Inspection

Fully Qualified Mechanics

all of our mechanics are  fully trained and qualified to perform pre purchase inspections on electric, high voltage and mechanical vehicles.
pre purchase inspection

Pictures Included

Every pre purchase inspection includes a comprehensive report which includes pictures to better illustrate the condition of the vehicle.
Used Car Inspection Service

Same Day Bookings

We can provide same day or next day bookings and offer a fast turn around time on each and every pre purchase inspection.
Used Car Inspection

Bespoke Inspections Available

We provide bespoke pre purchase inspections to suit individual requirements, just call us for more information on our pre purchase inspection service.
Mobile pre purchase car inspection

Saves You Thousands In Repairs

We save you from buying a banger and uncover hidden faults often saving our customers thousands in hidden repairs with our pre purchase inspection service.

Click on your desired pre purchase inspection package to view details and prices, then fill out the form below  

Why choose Pre Purchase Inspections UK?

Why choose pre purchase inspections UK over other pre purchase inspection companies? Pre Purchase Inspections UK has an obsessed and highly passionate team who carry out our used car inspections with a high eye for detail. Our team from bookings, admin and our pre purchase inspection engineers have a very welcoming tone and positive attitude, at pre purchase inspections UK we also believe in working with our clients for convenience keeping. With this in mind, this is why we also work Saturdays, due to realising our clients and sellers have jobs and work weekdays just like us, so whether you need an evening pre purchase inspection or weekend, we have you covered for all times! Pre Purchase Inspections UK's bespoke services are great for clients who need individual items checking and not happy to pay for a whole pre purchase inspection fee, this comes into its own with issues like vehicle accident damage or flood damage. At pre purchase inspections UK we work very closely with Alite Motor Service who can carry out all the repair work on your vehicles should you wish to purchase the vehicle after a pre purchase inspection report. Alite Motor Services are just like us and offer unprecedented customer support and trusting service!

Pre Purchase Inspections UK 

Welcome to Pre-Purchase Inspections UK! We are the one-stop shop when it comes to purchasing your new vehicle! After extensive research and market analyst, we have discovered a major flaw in the used car market, in 3 months of trading, citizen advise saw 12,000 complaints regarding used cars being sold, with buyers either feeling misled or sold a vehicle that was not in a road-worthy condition. At Pre-Purchase Inspections UK we have formed an infrastructure which is designed to tackle and prevent misleading sales, un-road-worthy vehicle's and previously damaged and then repaired vehicle's from being sold to our clients with our pre purchase inspection service. We can carry out pre purchase inspections on most vehicles as our pre purchase inspection engineers have extensive knowledge and years of experience in the motor industry! Pre Purchase Inspections UK can offer unprecedented and unmatched quality when it comes to our pre purchase inspections due to our eye for detail and previous personal experiences! When shopping for a new car this can be an exciting time for most people but unfortunately what comes with excitement is a lapse in judgment, trust us we have experienced this! Pre purchase inspections UK eliminate this, when inspecting vehicles our pre purchase inspection engineers are fully unbiased and only perform pre purchase inspections to provide our clients with factual, honest, and professional reports regarding the vehicle. Mechanical checks on used cars are one of the main problem areas where issues lie, every vehicle has its weak points and our engineers at pre purchase inspections UK are obsessed with finding them! Our team really do put the work in! All of our pre purchase inspection engineers are fully trained on the latest vehicles, from fully electric, high voltage, supercars and even classic’s. We have inspected vehicle from £100 all the way to 6 figures. Pre Purchase Inspections UK offer three standard levels of pre purchase inspections, Basic pre purchase inspection, Standard pre purchase inspection, and Premium pre purchase inspections. Our most popular package is a standard pre purchase inspection which comes with a 105-point checklist, paint depth check, a minimum 10-minute road test as well as Photos which all get emailed over to our clients digitally within 6 hours of the pre purchase inspection taking place. Pre Purchase Inspections UK's top-of-the-line pre purchase inspection is the premium pre purchase inspection and consist of a 143-point check, road test, paint depth check, photos, diagnostics report, and jacking the vehicle up on all four corners for an in-depth look underside of the vehicle. Pre Purchase Inspections UK wants our clients to trust us, so we have in place a secure payment system that only holds the funds until the pre purchase inspection has been taken place. Once the pre purchase inspection has been done we will invoice the job and send your report over via email, only then will the funds be taken from your account. Pre Purchase Inspections UK has built up such a trusted reputation that most of our clients book our inspections online and send us the details of the vehicle for us to go and pre purchase inspect without their presence! This really benefits our overseas clients as well as our trade clients due to their very busy schedules. Pre Purchase Inspections UK is also highly trusted by finance companies to carry out pre purchase inspections on their behalf prior to releasing the funds of financed vehicles, to ensure it is in road-worthy condition before being given to the buyer. Pre Purchase Inspections UK also offer our clients with post purchase inspections, these come in very beneficial for clients who have just purchased a vehicle whether it was online or just purchased a vehicle out of pure excitement, or that have already brought a vehicle before coming across our services and would like the peace of mind knowing their used car doesn't have any faults and is in tip-top condition before their cooling-off period expires! Pre Purchase Inspections UK can provide clients with our Used car inspection reports that can be digitally sent to the seller or dealer where the vehicle was purchased. Pre Purchase Inspections UK can also offer return visits if work has been agreed to be rectified by the seller prior to purchase.    

Pre Purchase Inspections UK procedure

When the pre purchase inspection has been booked you will receive an email and SMS (if you have opted for this at checkout) confirming the details of the booking, once this has been done the booking has been forwarded to our team for us to make contact with the seller to arrange an appointment. After this, Pre Purchase Inspections UK will stick with the appointment times arranged and contact the seller once more 1 hour prior to arrival to confirm we are dispatching our engineer, after the pre purchase inspection is completed our engineer will fill out the pre purchase inspection report and email it straight over to you. After this you will receive a telephone call from our pre purchase inspection engineer depending on what package you have chosen, to explain the pre purchase inspection and answer any and all the questions you have. It's that simple! You can now make a factual decision using the pre purchase inspection report provided whether to purchase or not purchase the vehicle!

Pre Purchase Inspections UK testimonials 

Pre Purchase Inspection UK was on time, carried out a thorough pre purchase inspection and called me soon after explaining potential issues. Very helpful, friendly and informative. Highly recommended!

Aarone - London, UK

Pre Purchase Inspections UK were brilliant. They carried out an extensive check on a van I was looking at potentially buying and took tonnes of photos. They put together a comprehensive report and phoned me after to go through it- the engineer even stayed on the phone while uploading photos so we could chat through each one individually to ensure I had a good understanding of the issues that were found. He was super friendly, personable, chatty and was great to talk to on the phone and gave great advice. I can't recommend Pre Purchase Inspections UK enough for anyone looking for knowledgeable and friendly mechanics.

Marcus - London, UK

Pre Purchase Inspection UK sent me a full report on a car I am thinking of buying. They picked out a number of faults that a test drive and a (non car person) like me would have definitely missed. They were very friendly when he called and let me ask any questions and answered clearly and honestly. They also said he was happy to call again should I need to go over anything again. Very pleased with the outcome. Pre Purchase Inspections UK are highly recommended. Thanks

Sarah - Essex, UK

Pre Purchase Inspections Uk were great friendly and knowledgeable. The photos and report were very detailed and helped me decide that the car wasn’t going to work for me. I would 100% recommend this service to anyone buying a used car.

Andreea - Hertfordshire, UK

Pre Purchase Inspections UK was very informative and helpful in their review. In addition to highlighting various issues they explained their significance which enabled me to make an informed choice about whether to purchase or not.

Paul - London, UK

Very knowledgable, specialist in Mercedes, which the car Pre Purchase Inspections UK were looking at was as well. They seemed to know the "inner workings" (as in, what's usually wrong with these cars) very well.

James - London, UK

Pre Purchase Inspections UK were excellent.
We live in East Yorkshire and the car was in Maidstone so I didn't want to have to drive to Kent to see a car which I might end up not buying. Pre Purchase Inspections UK reports are very thorough-- even the paintwork thickness was measured to highlight any areas which had been resprayed! Much better inspection check than we would have done ourselves and it enabled me to make an informed decision about buying the car.
Prompt follow up phone call where all the issues highlighted were discussed. Emailed report also received quickly.
The mechanic was very friendly and knowledgeable- I even phoned him again after the initial phone call to double check something and he didn't mind at all.
Excellent service, would highly recommend
Thanks again.

Sarah - Kent, UK

Pre Purchase Inspections UK promise to you!

Most vehicles we inspect have their issues but it all comes down to what you can and cannot live with when purchasing used vehicles. Each and every buyer is different so we treat them like that! Some of our clients do not mind paintwork being an issue and some just want a mechanically good vehicle. Each pre purchase inspection package has its own personal aspect to them, offering you simply the current state of the vehicle as seen, we offer our advice without influencing your decisions! Every vehicle issue is from a buyer's perspective meaning a resprayed rear quarter on a vehicle may be a deal-breaker for some and not for others. This is why all our pre purchase inspections come with no influence whatsoever just pure honest, factual, and professional pre purchase inspections, revealing all problems associated with the vehicle. Pre purchase inspections UK reports are purely intended for information purposes only, Pre Purchase Inspections UK engineers will never recommend to you to buy or not buy the vehicle, they will be able to give you prices on repairs, and albeit our reports speak for themselves but we will never sway your decision for better or worse as we genuinely believe our client's judgment is imperative to the purchase of their new vehicle. When our pre purchase inspections are taking place we will never discuss the report findings with the seller/owner of the vehicle due to our confidentially between pre-purchase inspections UK and our clients. When booking used car inspections with Pre Purchase Inspections UK we offer a 24-hour turnaround on our services for excited clients needing pre purchase inspections done quickly. From our booking process to our reports we have you covered! When booking a service with us we ask you to leave a 2-hour window from the booking time, to allow environmental factors such as traffic and delays on previous pre purchase inspections, that we may already have booked in. Pre Purchase Inspections UK has developed our own pre purchase inspection report application for our clients meaning you will get a completely tailored report and not just a generic one like other companies use. Our pre purchase inspection reports will be uploaded and sent straight to your email reducing any delay in receiving your reports compared to a paper report! At Pre Purchase Inspections UK we have saved our clients thousands of pounds in potential repair bills, from full vehicle resprays, un-declared write-offs, poorly maintained vehicles, and many more! Pre Purchase Inspections UK have you covered!

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Opening Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:30 AM - 20:00 PM

​SATURDAY: 7:30 AM - 14:00 PM


0800 999 1432

What is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?


A Pre Purchase Inspection is an Independent report carried out by a Professional as a third party. This report is then used by the client to gain an understanding of what condition the vehicle is in prior to making a purchase offer.

  Benefits of having an Inspection done prior to purchase?

There are many benefits as to why you should have a pre purchase inspection prior to purchase of a used vehicle, benefits including gaining a sharper and clearer understanding of a vehicle's condition we know buying a used vehicle can be a stressful and daunting task, especially when you may not be confident in a particular vehicle or seller. That's where Pre Purchase Inspections UK comes in! Using our innovative and advanced technology not only do we interrogate the vehicle's electronics with our non-intrusive diagnostics machines but Pre Purchase Inspections UK also have non-destructive coating thickness machines, using electromagnetic induction Pre Purchase Inspections UK can determine how much paint has been applied to a vehicle's paneling and compare these to the manufactures specifications! Although we do not carry out our reports to gain leverage for negotiations as this is something we do not believe in, our clients do let us know when they manage to secure the vehicle (providing it's what they are looking for) for a lower price!  

Our Services


​- Contact-less service

- Mobile around the UK

- Photo's provided 

- In-depth digital reports 

- optional phone call

  regarding report        

- Diagnostics report 

- Paint depth checks 

- Accident/repair findings 

- Steering and Suspensions system 

- Corrosion/rust levels 


- Road tests  

*Please note Pre Purchase Inspections UK cover a 50-mile radius around London incorporated within the purchase fee. However if you require us to travel further we can for an additional price, please call to discuss prices on 0800 999 1432

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